We Provide Specialist Corporate Advisory to Software Companies

Helping technology firms grow, create and transact.

Client Results

Helped Global Software Firm Enter Australian Payments Market

We designed a commercial partnership structure that would provide the software firm with an ability to mould and shape a high margin payments offering for it’s downstream customers, while providing the payments business with access to billions in annual payment volume.

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  • Within 5 months we facilitated execution of terms and stood up an entirely new commercial enterprise.
  • The software firm’s operating subsidiaries have since seen 200%+ growth in payments related revenue and the payments companies capital markets valuation is expected to increase substantially.

B2B Hospitality SaaS Platform Sees 5x Increase in Client Acquisition

We assisted an ordering platform to commercialise it’s existing technology capability through product construction and implementation of a commercial referral partnership with an adjacent software provider.

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  • We helped the SaaS platform to re-engineer its product offer to become EBITDA accretive with every new sign up.
  • We designed and implemented an onboarding channel that saw client acquisition increase dramatically in the space of a few weeks.
  • We assisted the business with it’s product & commercial roadmap that would prepare the founders for a low dilution cap raise and make them an attractive B2B proposition across vertical industries outside of it’s core focus.

Cloud Based Software Firm Secures Highly Flexible Acquisition Funding

We advised a growing cyber security focused software firm on the structure of an acquisition finance line to assist with it’s corporate growth strategy in the lead up to IPO.

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  • We helped the business structure, identify and procure market leading terms for an acquisition financing line from a major Australian bank.
  • The funding would enable the business to bring EBITDA accretive firms into it’s corporate structure, bolstering it’s valuation ahead of an IPO listing.
  • The funding structure and tender process was closed out in 8 weeks.

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Why Rydon Capital

  • Our interests are heavily aligned to the value & success of the work we complete for our clients.
  • We have actually owned and run software businesses, we know the complexities firsthand.
  • We’ve advised & assisted technology companies comprised of small, founder led teams and those that are multinational and stock exchange listed – we understand how to create value in vastly different environments
  • We have deep & genuine industry connections which breed the ideation of commercial opportunities for the clients we work with.
  • We have decades of hands-on experience navigating the ever evolving worlds of finance and technology.


Transaction Advisory

Leading and executing capital markets transactions for software led technology companies.

Commercial Partnerships

We develop, structure and execute commercial partnerships across a range of vertical markets.

Commerical & Product Advisory Consulting

We provide implemented finance and commercial consulting services as an extension of your team.

Quickly Scale Your Ability to Manage Complex Transactions

Finding finance & transaction advisory professionals that are experienced and appropriately skilled in the dynamic and ever changing commercial landscape of software technology is hard, hiring them is even harder.

We Engineer Cost Effective Growth

Growing technology companies are often convinced that raising capital, diluting their equity and spending up big is the best path to growing their company quickly. What founders aren’t always aware of is the value a commercial advisor can bring to their growth story through commercial partnership structures or transaction advisory services – opening the door to alternative ways to achieve the same commercial goal.

Finding Specialist Financial Advice for SaaS Companies Is Difficult

The speed of software innovation (and in many cases, maturation) has significantly outpaced the way banks, investors, professional services and traditional corporate advisory firms look at the capital structure and commercial strategy of a technology business.

This has created a gap between the large number of established or fast growing software companies who need situation or goal specific commercial advice, and the number of firms that specialise in providing that advice.

We exist to fill that void.

You Don’t Have The Time or Expertise to Exercute Commercial Partnerships

Technology founders are experts in their domain but often lack the experience or the connectivity to create, drive and execute commercial partnership opportunities that can bring significant value to their business. Our team can help you obtain, understand and negotiate commercial agreements, partnerships, joint-ventures and the impacts of each – without the corporate jargon.

About Rydon Capital

Rydon Capital was started to help both established and fast growing technology companies to execute commercial partnerships and navigate significant commercial transactions.

Why It Started

We wanted to create a bridge between the constantly evolving technology landscape and the confusing and difficult to navigate world of corporate finance. We started Rydon Capital to combine our commercial skills, experience in product development and passion for problem solving to help software companies achieve better commercial outcomes.

Unfortunately, we kept finding:

  • it too commonplace for great technology company founders to dilute their cap table without seeking specialist advice from firms who understand what they are going through and can take an objective approach to financing the next stage of growth; and
  • many successful mid market technology companies sign up to complex and restrictive earn out agreements after only considering the dollar value of the exit on offer.

Our Team’s Capabilities

  • Transaction advisory for SaaS and Vertical Market Software businesses.
  • Product & commercial strategy advice.
  • Leading capital markets financing for growth or transitional software companies.
  • Development and execution of commercial partnerships.

Our Values


We believe aligning our interests to our client’s success is key to successful & long term relationships.

We view our clients as partners, and reflect this in how we work together.


When navigating either explosive growth or organisational change, everyone must be on the same page for successful outcomes to be achieved. Between the eyes advice and highly transparent communication are central tenets of how we do business.


We expect to be held accountable for the outcomes we commit to and ask the same of the clients and partners we work with.